How to Head a College Paper
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How to Head a College Paper


Numerous students consider college to be a magical world. This magical world includes freedom of scheduling classes at student’s own convenience along with understanding campus in their own way. In college, writing a college paper is vastly different from writing a high school paper. There is a certain format that has to be followed to ensure that college paper is written as per college academic guidelines.

The Type of Paper Style

There are different formats used when writing a paper, such as American Psychology Association style, MLA style, Harvard style, and so on. Each of this style requires different formatting of the paper that must be followed. The most used format is the MLA style when writing an academic paper. In this format, you will not skip lines between the four lines of the initial heading. On every page in the header, you are supposed to write your last name along with the page number in a right justified format. This way, every page would show your last name and page number.

Heading and Margins are Important

Continuing with the MLA format, the heading should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the page. The font that you would use would be 12 point and Times New Roman. There are other fonts as well that is used, such as Arial, Modern, Lucina and Palermo.

First and Last Name Significance

In the first line, you will write your first and last names. Each line of heading will be double spaced. A vital aspect to note is that lines of the heading should be left justified at the left margin.

Professor’s Name Importance

In the next line, you will write your professor’s name. This will be your subject’s professor name. You will be writing his first name and last name which will be preceded by the word “Professor”.

Course Name

The next line would have the name of your course. For example, if you are attending psychology course, then you will write “Psychology 212”.


The next and final line would have the date of the day. In an MLA format, the date is written in the form of numeral format, month in the written format and then year. An example of this would be “2 September 2018”.

Title of Paper

You would then create double space after the last line of the heading, and place your heading in center as the title of the paper in the next line. An appropriate step is to make use of Title Case style. An example of this would be “Exercises to Make Use of to Lose Weight”.

First Paragraph

The start of the first paragraph is done by using double space after the heading. You should begin writing your paper by using a 1-inch indent to start the first paragraph.

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